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Bugs in the Wild: Bevmo Edition

Posted by Steve on December 18, 2009

I recently found a fun bug in the Bevmo (beverages and more, a liquor store in California) website’s search functionality.  I was searching for a product from Martini & Rossi, so I simply entered Martini & Rossi into the search field, and clicked ‘Go’ and was surprised when I found myself back on the home page.

At first I was not quite sure what was happening, so as any good tester does, I tried to reproduce the occurrence. So I enter in the same text ‘Martini & Rossi’ and again I am taken to the home page.  I decide to isolate the issue, although at this point I am pretty certain that it has to do with the &, so I searched simply the & and found I was taken back to the home page yet again.

At this point I can safely say that the search feature has a bug where if you enter an &  you are taken back to the home page, a behaviour that is clearly incorrect. This is a good reminder of why data input is very important when testing fields, it does not take very long and can find some pretty good bugs!


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