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Bugs in the Wild: Bevmo Edition

Posted by Steve on December 18, 2009

I recently found a fun bug in the Bevmo (beverages and more, a liquor store in California) website’s search functionality.  I was searching for a product from Martini & Rossi, so I simply entered Martini & Rossi into the search field, and clicked ‘Go’ and was surprised when I found myself back on the home page.

At first I was not quite sure what was happening, so as any good tester does, I tried to reproduce the occurrence. So I enter in the same text ‘Martini & Rossi’ and again I am taken to the home page.  I decide to isolate the issue, although at this point I am pretty certain that it has to do with the &, so I searched simply the & and found I was taken back to the home page yet again.

At this point I can safely say that the search feature has a bug where if you enter an &  you are taken back to the home page, a behaviour that is clearly incorrect. This is a good reminder of why data input is very important when testing fields, it does not take very long and can find some pretty good bugs!


One Response to “Bugs in the Wild: Bevmo Edition”

  1. Steve said

    A couple of months after this post I got the following response from a member on the team:

    Hi Steve,
    I’m the project lead for the website, and had quite a field day trying to track down the source of the bug you found

    I talked to our IT security department, and it turns out that raw ampersands in the querystring are blacklisted in our Microsoft URLScan tool, and our response is to redirect all such requests to the homepage.

    The site now works as expected, due to a workaround we here in Development didn’t know we needed without your observations.

    I have to say I am pretty impressed, it was really neat to see that someone noticed!

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