Still Life

A Series of Mental Snapshots

Testing is everywhere…

Posted by Steve on November 22, 2007

This will just be a quick one before I rush off to the gym, but today I was noticing how testing appears in one form or another in my daily life.

 An example today was when I was plugging in my ipod and hanging it over a towel rack. I was concerened that the cable would slip on the rack and the ipod would fall to the ground. So what did I do to make sure it wouldnt happen; I let it go a little bit with my hand other hand ready to catch it. This was to see how far it would fall when I let it go; or essentially a test (if anyone’s curious it didnt fall very far, and then I got on to thinking about static/kinetic friction but we won’t go there…)

 I just found it interesting how small things in life manifest themselves into situation where testing is required (that is if you want a good outcome = P ).



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